About La Rue Floral


Photography By Michele With One L


“Fine art” is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. And this is what we strive for at La Rue Floral. Our work is a representation of some of the most beautiful things found in nature. From the finest, most interesting lines of a tree branch fully extended toward the sun, to the empty space and interesting patterns within a series of foliage and brush on the side of the road, La Rue Floral uses these beautiful elements as inspiration to create a truly unique yet familiar floral aesthetic on your wedding day. Every bouquet, centerpiece, boutonniere, and installation is thoughtfully designed with great care and attention to detail of how it might have grown all on it’s own in nature. The decision to take on only one wedding per weekend has allowed us the opportunity to reconnect with the fine artistry of floral design and focus on creating gorgeous floral pieces that are reminiscent of the most beautiful things around us.


Behind The Scenes At La Rue Floral


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Meet Casey

Owner and Lead Designer of La Rue Floral

The roots of Casey’s career began in Chicago where she owned her former flower business, VEIL Event Design, and gained valuable years of experience producing weddings and events with Chicago's top wedding professionals and venues. In 2017, Casey and her fiance, Andrew, made the decision to move to Denver, Colorado, where she could better serve clients looking for a natural and organic wedding aesthetic. Colorado has been the perfect fit for her floral style and personality. Casey has spent countless hours crafting her skills as a designer, and specializes in creating beautiful, hanging floral installations as well as breathtaking bridal bouquets with lots of natural and organic textures. Her two favorite parts of wedding day are passing the bridal bouquet over to the bride and seeing her couples' faces as they enter the space for the first time. She is a lover of all seasons, the mountains, sunshine, meeting new people, light and airy imagery, being outside, and laughing. Her favorite accessory to wear is a stylish hat with a good brim, and you’d be hard pressed to see her out in public without some type of hat on her head.