Frequently Asked Questions



When will we speak with our designer?

After submitting your online inquiry form, we will review your wedding vision, confirm our availability, and contact you within 48 business hours to schedule an appointment. Since we are committed to doing only one wedding per weekend, dates do fill up quickly. We suggest beginning the consultation process six to nine months prior to your wedding date to reserve you date on our calendar.



How many weddings do you do each weekend?

After years of experience, we have realized the importance of being able to focus all of our attention on one client's wedding at a time. La Rue Floral only takes on one wedding per weekend to ensure our clients receive the best attention and care from us that they deserve. 



Is there a minimum required to book La Rue Floral for Full Service wedding flowers? 

In order to achieve the level of service that is important to both La Rue Floral and it's clients, and to maintain the caliber of work that represents La Rue Floral's overall style and image, investments for full service floral begin at $5,000.  Every wedding is different depending on the clients' individual needs, therefore, every proposal is custom-designed to fit the color palette, style, size, and quantities. Given our one-wedding-per-weekend policy, certain months will require slightly larger investments than others due to high demand during popular wedding season months. Pricing for these months will be discussed at your floral consultation.  You can begin the getting-to-know-you process to learn more about pricing by filling out an inquiry form here. 



My fiance and I are looking to elope. If all I need are bouquets and boutonnieres, is that something you can do?

Yes. We LOVE elopement weddings. If you are only in need of a bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere (and perhaps a few other personals), we would be honored to provide you with something custom and beautiful for your elopement wedding. Our full service option is for clients looking to be completely taken care when it comes to flowers for personals, the ceremony, and reception. Both are great options, and the quality of flowers and designs are the same for both. 



Do you rent vases and decor items?

Yes we do, however, we should note that our inventory is only available to clients who sign a floral contract with us and we do not rent inventory pieces out on their own. We own a wide variety of beautiful vases and vessels, as well as arbors and arches, large urns and stands, and a variety of candles and candle holders for all types of styles. Our inventory is housed in out Denver studio. We are your florist, and we do that part really well. We do not rent linens, furniture, or lighting of any kind, but are happy to direct you to our vendor friends that do. 



What is a "sophisticated color palette"?

We love that you've put thought into your wedding colors, and want to incorporate your ideas into your flowers so that it reflects your style and vision. By working with a designer at La Rue, you'll learn which colors will marry well with flowers and which ones won't. During our consultation, we will teach you about floral color combinations and what the most sophisticated options are for your color choices. It's our goal to combine our signature style and aesthetic with your wedding colors and vision, and in doing so, we often create some of the most beautiful, sophisticated, color palette options that leave our clients pleasantly surprised. We not only want your wedding to look and feel beautiful when you walk in to the reception for the first time, but we also want you to have beautiful wedding photos that will withstand time and look sophisticated and stunning for years to come.  



Have you ever done a wedding at my venue before?

Probably, but it truly wouldn't matter if we were returning to a venue or working there for the first time. We pride ourselves on how we handle our approach to venues and recognize the importance of communication for every wedding we do. As soon as you book with us, we reach out to your venue coordinator to say hello or introduce ourselves. We let them know we are excited to be in their space whether we're returning or visiting for the first time. We confirm all of the things we need to know regarding insurance, load in procedures, open flame policies, and any other guidelines that may be specific for florists at each venue. We participate in walk throughs with our clients and their vendors a few months out so that we can learn the space, meet with the venue coordinator(s) in person, and have a clear plan in place for your wedding day. The week of the wedding we finalize all of our load in time, set up and installation details, and confirm any strike policies with your venue and planner. We recognize how busy venue coordinators are, and do everything in our power to be as organized as possible so that execution is smooth and efficient for everyone. It's also extremely important for us to be invited back, every single time!



Can you explain the labor charges?

This is something we'll go over in great deal at our consultation so that no questions are left un-answered. The short answer, however, is that this portion of your bill should not be overlooked when budgeting for your flowers. Proper labor is imperative in order to execute your wedding properly and provide the highest level of service on your wedding day. Our team is comprised of highly skilled designers that work under the direction of La Rue's lead designer. Labor charges vary for each wedding depending on the size and level of installation services required to properly execute it. Labor most often includes the time it takes to process the flowers once they've arrived, the number of designers it takes to create the actual floral arrangements the days leading up to the wedding, as well as hours it takes for the wedding day team to successfully execute the wedding, transport flowers, lift heavy objects, install creative floral pieces, drop off flowers to getting ready locations, perform room turns in different spaces, and provide strike and clean up services after the event. 


Will My Wedding Be Published?

This is largely determined by your photographer and/or wedding planner. La Rue Floral does not guarantee the publication of any wedding, but always love seeing our real weddings submitted to a publication. Most often, photographers or wedding planners determine the right publication fit and will submit the images after the wedding. La Rue Floral posts images and content to it's social media platforms only when the photographers' imagery is in line with the company's light and airy brand aesthetic. If being featured on our portfolio is important to you, we have many Colorado and traveling photographers that we can recommend for your wedding day.