Processing Day! It's all hands on deck to get these flowers ready for wedding day!
Phase two of wedding day is loading all of the checklisted items onto the truck. We take advantage of the height using carts on wheels. Sometimes we'll do this with the flowers too, but more often than not, we'll rest the flowers safely on the floor of the truck.
Design day can be long, which is why we have a team of designers to help. This arrangement took thirty minutes to create, and we had 12 of them to make!
In reality, we almost always need more space to fit everything we're bringing to a wedding than we realize. More often than not, we use trucks instead of vans. This wedding shows how much space floral can take up for a wedding of 150 guests!
Getting ready to load decor items onto the truck. It's always more efficient to pack everything onto transportation carts after we've done our final checklist.
Every venue is different and it's our job to know how they want us to enter and exit. More often than not, there is a loading dock we use that is shared by the caterers, DJ's, and rental companies.
Once we make it into the wedding venue, we begin set up. The day unfolds differently every time, and we often have to wait until the linens have been placed before we can install the centerpieces. We frequently to weddings where the ceremony and reception are in the same space, so we begin installing the ceremony structures and floral first.